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For us, every single design starts with the fabrics.

However, our fabrics also leave a huge environmental footprint and therefore we try very carefully to select the most environmentally friendly fabrics. We call these sustainably preferred fabrics our magic fabrics.


As the world is already full of plastic on its way to landfills or incinerators, we asked ourselves, why make more when we can reuse what is already around? Like most recycled polyester, ours is made from old plastic bottles.


Recycled wool is made out of old wool garments, scraps and cutting leftovers. Our recycled wool comes from Prato in Italy where they have been recycling wool for over a century.


We find it quite amazing that you can make new stuff out of old leftovers – that’s also why we love recycled cotton. Recy- cled cotton is made from cotton scraps and cutting leftovers which are then spun into new yarns and fabrics. Don’t just take our word for it – it’s certified.


Cotton is such a fantastic material, but unfortunately conventional cotton has a dark side as it uses a lot of water, land and not so nice chemicals. This is why we try to go for organic cotton to avoid nasty chemicals. It also improves soil health and water conservation – did anybody say win-win?


This is made mainly from Eucalyptus trees in sustainably managed and certified forests and the production is done entirely without the use of nasty chemicals. On top of this, Tencel is estimated to use 5 times less land and 80% less water for production than conventional cotton – what’s not to like?


Did you know that viscose starts its life as a tree? However, we don’t like deforestation. Our forests give us clean air, freshwater and are home to most birds and animals, whilst also being very beautiful. Therefore, we are committed to sourcing our viscose from sustainably managed and certified forests.


Many years ago, we actually started out by reusing leftovers and over-ordered fabrics from other designers. Fabrics that were left in warehouses and on their way to landfills. We call them deadstock fabrics and we still love finding the- se hidden gems and turning them into beautiful garments. That’s also how we got our name Designers Remix.