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Make fashion climate positive

We love fashion. We do however love our planet too. And we believe that we have a shared responsibility when it comes to looking after our beloved planet. That is why we have made it our mission to make fashion better.

As part of that mission, we signed up to the UN Climate Neutral Now Pledge in May 2019 and decided to invest in a United Nations and Gold Standard certified windfarm project in Bac Lieu, Vietnam in order to make our collections climate positive.

Every time we design a product, we always strive towards making it with as little environmental impact as possible especially by using sustainably preferred fabrics, as the vast environmental impact of the production of each piece of clothing, comes from the fabric. We are however aware that any garment, no matter how sustainably preferred the fabric is, always leaves a CO2 footprint.

Therefore, we decided that for every Designers Remix garment we produce, we balance out 50 kg of CO2 through our wind farm project in Vietnam. While it’s hard to imagine what one kilo of CO2 looks like, 50 kg of CO2 equals one and a half times the CO2 used on average for a pair of jeans during its lifetime. As in we are offsetting more CO2 than each garment in our collections is actually omitting throughout its production cycle. Therefore, each garment represents a tangible way of combatting climate changes.

In total, we have so far offset 6.700 tons of CO2 which according to the UN Flight Calculator, ICAO, equals you doing 62.700 fewer flights between Copenhagen and London – no bad right?

As part of our sustainable journey, we are continuously working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 7, 12 and 13. The Bac Lieu wind farm project mainly focuses on Goal no. 7 ”Affordable and clean energy” and Goal no. 13 ”Climate action”.

Please find a link to the UN Climate Neutral Now Pledge here and to the Bac Lieu windfarm project here.