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Nobody is perfect – trust us we know this better than most people.

We also know that we are part of a fantastic but very polluting and resource-intensive industry. Instead of just accepting this, we try every day to make beautiful clothes in a more sustainable way.
Here you will find more information about what we’re doing, what we can do together and what you can do to make fashion better. If you have any questions or ideas on how we can improve please reach out to us on

Send back your loved ones

Let us take good care of your old favorite Designers Remix items. Request a return label at, and since we know how difficult it is to let a good friend go, we offer you a 15% voucher for each item you send back.

From waste to wardrobe.

This vision is no stranger to us. Actually we started back in 2002 based on this sustainable upcycling mindset to re-use and re-shape deadstock pieces mixed together with vintage. That’s also why our name is Designers Remix.